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CIMIC Operators coordinate a donation of 290 food kits for the population in need.

Djibouti, april 2023.

CIMIC Operators, at the CARITAS of Djibouti, they made a donation of 290 food kits, containing essential and basic necessities, which will be distributed to the local population in conditions of great need.

The event is part of an emergency plan and aims to address the challenges that the Djibouti community is facing through the supply and access of basic necessities.

During the ceremony, the Commander of the Italian Support Base (BMIS) emphasized the importance of such humanitarian initiatives. The President of CARITAS Djibouti expressed gratitude to the Italian contingent, stating that this donation represents a significant step in supporting the local community.

The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Italian Support Base, a representation of the Italian contingent, the President of CARITAS Djibouti, and the Director of CARITAS Somalia.

The Director of CARITAS Somalia expressed solidarity and emphasized the importance of collaboration between humanitarian organizations in addressing global challenges and ensuring effective support to those in need.

This initiative demonstrates the value of international solidarity and collective commitment to providing assistance to people in need. The specialists of the Multinational CIMIC Group and Caritas of Djibouti continue to work together to face emergencies and ensure better living conditions as well as access to basic necessities.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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