The Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) organizes the first Summer Camp dedicated to the children of the staff

Motta di Livenza, 12 June 2023

The Multinational CIMIC Group has today opened its gates to its first "Summer Camp", a Summer Center dedicated to the children of MNCG staff. This event represents an impor-tant moment in the organization's history, providing a unique opportunity to engage and support the families of our military.

The Summer Camp was made possible thanks to the precious collaboration between the MNCG Morale and Welfare (MWA) staff and the Mottense Athletics Association. Thanks to the joint efforts of these two entities, the Multinational CIMIC Group offers the children of our military a special summer experience within our facilities.

The Summer Center program has been specially designed to offer children and young people a wide range of sporting activities, workshops and language courses. Qualified co-aches and instructors will be present to guide participants in each activity, promoting en-joyment, physical and mental development, as well as the learning of new skills. This ini-tiative is part of a broader plan of the MWA of the MNCG to provide support and services to the families of our military. We recognize the vital role families play in supporting our men and women in uniform, and the Summer Camp is a tangible way to show our com-mitment and gratitude to them.

This event is a tremendous opportunity to put the well-being of our military families first and will provide an unforgettable experience for attendees while promoting learning, in-clusion and fun andthe importance we place on family support and strengthening bonds within our community.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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